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Ultrascan AGI Anti Money Laundering (AML) Intelligence report CRISS-CROSS 4 is integrated in the Intelligence research CRISS-CROSS 1-11. The name CRISS-CROSS is derived from the money laundering technique that transfers from A, B to B, C, D, E criss-crossing accounts, companies and countries so every single transfer seems to be normal, but in fact the ultimate beneficiaries are the same.

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Ultrascan HUMINT have extensive experience with identifying, locating, mapping, monitoring, analysing and predicting perpetrators of money laundering and the planning, funding, communications and support of terrorism.

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Ultrascan KPO working with governments on the path of reform, providing support on areas of governance and implementation. We provide geopolitical and strategic advice to multinationals and institutional investors with investment opportunities.

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Ultrascan Financial Intelligence Unit A mixture of intelligence gathering, investigations, reputational risk mitigation and Innovative Technology in line of objectives. Focused on external information and stakeholder engagement, to detect exposure to financial crime risk.

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